Cecilia Reyes | [no codename] | X-Men | Age: 33 | OPEN

Powers: Surrounds herself with a psioplasmic bio-field of invisible energy that becomes a translucent, solid shield.


Cecilia was born to a poor, Puerto Rican-African American family in the Bronx.  When she was six years old, her father was killed in a drive-by shooting. As he bled to death on the sidewalk, she vowed to dedicate her life to helping others, and studied to be a doctor. Through tenacity and hard work, she was able to go through medical school. Though she was a mutant, she kept this part of her hidden because of fears of discrimination, and rejected several overtures from Charles Xavier to join the X-Men.  She assisted superheroes and mutants in secret to protect their identities, but was forced into the open by an anti-mutant attack, narrowly escaping by the intervention of Bobby Drake, aka Iceman – an X-Man. After staying at the mansion, she became addicted to the drug RAVE while with the X-Men, believing it could help her in battle. Through the help of Nightcrawler and the Professor, she was able to detox and overcome, but she is still recovering.  She has decided not to go into battle to avoid temptation.  Cecilia had a brief affair with Remy, but the two broke up, as she sensed he would never overcome his love for Rogue. Since the memory wipe, she has pretty much forgotten her liaison with Remy.

Cecilia’s positive traits are her compassion, her tenacity, and her unwavering dedication to help others, regardless of mutant or human status, or political affiliation.  Some of her negative traits are her over-cautious nature, her lack of self-confidence, her addiction, and her defensiveness.  She doesn’t like to let people in, and she doesn’t trust easily, having been hurt before. 

Relationships: Civil with everyone, friendly with Hank McCoy, Remy LeBeau, and Kurt Wagner.

Face Claim: Christine Adams 

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